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Searching for Story -- My Adventures
The Journey of a Writer
The Journey of a Writer
The Journey of a Writer
The Journey of a Writer

My life has been an extended journey of searching for the next story. I didn’t always realize this, but now in reflection, I see it.

From an early age, I traveled across the country with my grandparents in their travel trailer, visiting such sights as the Painted Desert, Mount Rushmore, the Rio Grande, Pike’s Peak, and the Sequoia National Park.


These early adventures sparked my interest in the world away from my home and taught me the value of others.


My love for reading captured this sense of adventure. Novelist/writer Pearl S. Buck took me far away to the land of Chinese peasants and imperial palaces.


And as a young teenager, I made the decision to become a writer.


I was called to it.


Through the years, I’ve invested my heart and soul into writing, along with my career and my education.


I’ve worked as a print journalist and/or freelance writer for more than 15 years all the while working on fiction. Several years ago, my life opened up to allow me to get my MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction). Since that time, I have continued to follow the path I started on so many years ago.


Now I share this passion with other writers, helping them to tap into that primeval lure that may have remained hidden and unanswered for many years.


I teach writing workshops for the Knoxville Writers’ Guild and other organizations.

Many people I come across these days want to write their stories or those of their families. Still others want to explore fictional communities and the characters who live in their heads.


The strengths and skills that I have honed over the years as a writer now fuel my work as a project development editor, guiding private clients as they bring their stories to life.


I also work with experienced writers, helping them to discover the rich textures that their manuscripts suggest but haven’t quite delivered.


It brings me joy to help other writers find their voice and the great pleasure that writing brings.


How can I help you?





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